VISA Support for Foreign Skilled Workers in Sapporo and Hokkaido

Working Visa Support : Ask Sapporo Daiichi Jimusho!

We, Sapporo Daiichi Jimusho are the biggest administrative scrivener in Sapporo and have supported a wide variety of companies to acquire working visas for experts from inside and outside Japan.

English and Chinese services are available, so you can communicate clearly and feel free to consult us.

Our strength is our wide network of collaborators among lawyers, judicial scriveners, social insurance labor officers and other professionals to support your visa application process.


What we do for you

■ Support for visa application

■ Change of residence status

■ Extension of period of stay

■ Support for naturalization and permanent residence


Free Consultation

We provide first hour consultation free of charge.


  1. Please call or email us first to make an appointment

          We will let you know what kind of documents you need to bring for a consultation.

          tel: 011-261-1170    9:00~18:00 (weekdays)


     2. Consultation

         First hour is free of charge.

         Based on your situation and documents, we will advise the best option for you.


     3. Contract with us

         We tell you the required documents to make your application process go smoothly.

         Please note that we may ask for additional documents during this process.

         Deposit is 50% of total fee is due with signed contract to represent you.


     4. Application to the Immigration Bureau

         With your authorization, we will submit your application to the Immigration Bureau.


     5. Inquiries about the submitted documents

         We will respond on your behalf to inquiries from the Immigration Bureau.


     6. Application Result

         If your application is accepted, we help you to go forward through  immigration procedures.

         If not, you may consult us to re-apply,
         as your re-application may be accepted, depending on the situation.



Consultation : First hour is free of charge.

Support for Visa Application;

Total fee
Business / Administration 150,000 jpy ~
 Family Retionship 120,000 jpy ~
 Other Status 100,000 jpy ~



Change or Extend of Status of Residence;

Total fee
Business / Administration 120,000 jpy ~
 Family Retionship 100,000 jpy ~
 Other Status   80,000 jpy ~



Total fee
 Permission for part-time job  30,000 jpy
 Our document submission fee  10,000 jpy


Daiichi Jimusho

Call  or email us: First hour consultation is free of charge.

tel: 011-261-1170    9:00~18:00 (weekdays)
address: 7F Dougin bld. 4-1 Nishi, Odori
                Chuo-ku, Sapporo
                札幌市中央区大通西4丁目1 道銀ビル7階

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